How to Make Her Really Want You

What man wouldn’t be thrilled by the idea of an attractive woman being filled with strong desire for you? As long as you are not talking about underage participants then a WOMAN pursuing a man is okay in my book (Ok, as long as it is asked for).

In fact, I highly recommend promoting this act of passionate discourse. How? How do you get a woman to want to rape you jump your bones attack the sack? You must first understand that women are a sensitive breed and they trust their instincts. So you must appeal to a woman’s instincts and by that you must appeal to her SENSES.

Sense Sational

It is amazing how much key information you readers amass here for free. My only hope is that our efforts here are not in vain. If you read and don’t try (apply) then you will never fully comprehend how simple attracting the opposite sex can be by simply following patterns, paying attention to “them” and repeating your efforts under the “numbers game” theorem.

A woman only has five (5) senses. You have 5 opportunities to turn her on and appeal to her. You must not worry about what you don’t own or what you do for a living. Real women WANT to be turned on and your social status will have little to do with it in a one-on-one conversation. When you have an opportunity to have that 1-on-1 then don’t waste it on bad jokes or bad breath. Make the most of it and know that over that next few minutes all of her 5 senses are hard at work checking you out.

1) Sight

If you look good you feel good and if you feel good you look good. That means that what you wear is as important as how you carry yourself. If you have a crappy outfit on but are smiling and happy and affable to all then she will see less of your exterior and see more of your interior. This is not to say you should not be apparel conscience because your apparel should “appeal” as well. Women are fashion savvy so just remember when it comes to dress, “don’t set trends and don’t break rules” and SMILE A LOT.

2) Smell

Lift your arm up right now and smell your armpit and your hands. Do your hands and pits smell like yesterday? Cologne and aftershave are “personal” choices. Choose fragrances that flatter your natural smell and most importantly: A women should only smell your cologne if you are within “handshake” distance from her – any farther and you reek. Now lick the back of your hand three times – if you do this you can smell what your own breath smells like. Also, “pheromones” are essential to attraction so if you stink like cologne she might not pick yours up. Less is more.

3) Hear

How you speak to a female is so very important. First and foremost if SHE is talking then you are golden. She will hear that you are interested in her by what you ASK HER or talk about. Smile often and look her in the eye so she thinks you are sitting on every word. When she asks you a question or finishes her own answer then immediately ask her another question about herself. People like to talk about themselves. She will take your good listening behavior as a turn on because you appear interested in HER. When you do speak – now it is important to appeal to HER HEARING. Speak clearly, not loudly, use soft tones when possible and shorten your stories to the most interesting points. Don’t be afraid to paint pictures that are suggestive. Instead of telling a story of you going “swimming” tell a story of you going “skinny dipping”. That “sounds” sexier.

4) Touch

Everybody has their own “bubble” and when a female does not know you yet she does not want you in hers. However, if you look and smell good and are a good listener then by this point it is safe to say she is a little more comfortable now. “Handshake length” is how close you should stand or sit next to a woman you have NOT been intimate with yet. You sit close enough for her to see, smell and hear you but you sit this close so if she decided to touch you then she could with ease. If you two are chatting in a bar etc. then you should only touch her on the arm and only when making a point in your story or if you two share a laugh. She might do the same. If she is walking in front of you then when you open a door for her only touch her on the lower back. These show “respect” in touching and lets her know you want HER in YOUR bubble.

5) Taste

You are thinking how I can get a girl with my taste buds. Well, I just told you in the last 4 paragraphs. You see “manners and etiquette” fall under the taste umbrella. If you are in the presence of a female that is interested in you and you follow the last four paragraphs then TASTE will be the topper. Tease her. Your polite, mannered behavior will tease her because now she is in front of a well dressed, well spoken, sweet smelling, non invasive male who is a good listener. At this point – if she is really interested – make her wait – tease her as long as you can because my friend she wants to rape you.

Wow, did we really get there that fast? Is it really that simple? We just have to smell good, listen well and be confident? Women will jump our bones if we listen to their stories and excite their olfactory? Yes, yes and yes again. The truth in this formula is that when you “excite” a sense you in fact turn it on. The more senses of a female that you can “turn on” the harder it will be to turn her off. She will feel, smell and see all of your strong traits that she likes and will embrace them literally. So when she bum rushes past “handshake length” to rape you make sure you show good taste and thank her.


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