Couples looking for male

Hundreds of thousands of people are on the hunt for unicorns now. It is an absolute term describing a third party who desires who have no strings attached sex with a lovely couple. According to the latest study of the reputable Archives of Human Behavior Journal, having threesome sex is a great sexual fantasy among millions of people worldwide. More than 65% has ever dreamt of mw4m sex, and 35% has already experienced it.

In recent years, non-monogamous relationships and polyamory have turned into a significant trend.  However, many people have faced the same problem – it is unbelievably difficult to pull off a successful threesome. Couples seeking men regularly browse hundreds of websites looking for a reliable one. And they constantly fail. You know it is not that easy as it might seem to find a man for sex whom you can trust. But you should not despair. Our professional dating experts are here to help you with this issue.

We have surfed hundreds of personals to investigate what they offer for couples who seek for males. Therefore, below you will find top-5 best MW4M Personals. Statistics of the most visited dating websites shows that thousands of couples seeking man do it to make a threesome.

Top couple seeking male websites

Presently, plenty of dating websites offer thousands of profiles of prospective candidates for seeking sex with males. However, only a few of them can be relied on regarding registration, list of services, the fairness of profiles, etc. Therefore, you can surf such websites as AdultFriendFinder, SDC, Classifiedads, Locanto, and The main issue in your search will be how you can rely upon a chosen profile and whether you can trust a chosen guy. All sites mentioned in this post will be a perfect choice for all couples looking for sex with men for the first time in their lives. Find the details below.


AdultFriendFinder is one of the most visited websites for all swingers and unicorns who desire to find a man for threesome sex. It is the largest dating website in the world. More than 95,000,000 are registered. There is a special category on this platform where you can find plenty of options for people seeking for mw4m sex. AdultFriendFinder offers services for couples who seek men for sex, entertainment, chat, friendship, or even long-term relationships. Registration is free. 24/7 customer support.


SDC is another popular website offering services for couples looking for men. Gladly, it offers services for people from all countries without restrictions. Members from all the US states are represented – it is the largest swinger community for local swingers in the United States. All profiles are 100% verified. More than 2,500,000 active members are registered. Couples can seek for men by age, location, body type, sexual desires, and existing sex experience. It is free to sign in. Paid options start at $19.99 per month.


Though this website is not oriented for sex purposes only, can be safely used to find partners for threesome in all locations. The site will be especially useful for couples looking for men in their neighborhood. Both young and older men are represented. Couples can seek for males for sex, friendship, or just fun. Registration is free. All other options are paid. The customer support operates day-and-night. The newest SSL-encoding secures all accounts.


Locanto is the only website in our list which offers dating services only for couples seeking men. The site provides fifteen options for your successful search. The couple can select men by location, age, sexual preferences, body type, education, ethnicity, habits, tattoos, etc. Locanto offers services for clients from all countries; however 90% of its registered members are located in the United States. Couples can find males for threesome in all states and cities of the USA.

5. closes our list of the best websites for couples who seek males. It is the hugest swinger community on the planet. More than 5,000,000 registered users. Free registration and basic membership including free browsing profiles, editing profiles, viewing photos, sending ten messages. Monthly paid subscription starts at $15.99. Welcome bonuses and VIP club promotions. Rewarding affiliate program. Swinger blog and forum. 24/7/365 customer support.

Pros & Cons of top couple seeking male websites

There is nothing ideal in this world. Even though we have chosen the best personals for couples seeking men, everyone will find its benefits and drawbacks in any of them. Below you will find top-5 advantages and disadvantage of the best websites for the couple looking for males. Keep on reading to get the details.


  • Free registration and plenty of options in basic membership;
  • All members` profiles are completely anonymous;
  • Threesome allows achieving a considerable diversity in sex without deceiving your existing partner;
  • All websites offer more than ten options for couples to find a really reliable male for unbelievable sex;
  • Threesome allows every couple and man gaining new experience in sex.


  • Men often ignore the main principal of every dating site in this category – complete anonymity;
  • Paid subscription sometimes can be higher than it is initially stated;
  • Customer support sometimes works too slowly. It is especially painful in emergency cases.

How to find the right male for threesome – top tips

In real life, it is not that easy for a couple to find a right male for a no strings attached sex. However, the main rule is always the same – at first, you must always stay anonymous until you exactly know that you can rely on a chosen person. Therefore, there is a second rule – to avoid a 100% risk of being filmed on a hidden camera or being suddenly raped, always meet a chosen unicorn at the place that you can rely upon.

There are other rules for threesome sex that you would better be aware of. We have carefully analyzed all users` reviews and feedbacks concerning threesome sex. Therefore, we have selected top recommendations of people from various countries who adore the lifestyle. Continue reading to get top tips on how to find the right male for threesome.

  • Firstly, you need to find the right person. You can 100% do it using one of the sites mentioned above. You need to look carefully in various groups and swingers clubs. The choice will be a huge one. Remember – it is never hard to find the right male who seeks threesome. So, find the site, register, and make your choice using personal preferences;

Note: it must always be clear from a man profile that he is looking for a threesome. It might be like “I am interested in multiple partners.” You need to remember that just because a man states he is bisexual never means he likes all women or other men. Always be respectful. Take time to know your potential unicorn intimately and make it clear that you both desire sex.

  • Secondly, you must qualify a chosen candidate for casual sex. It can be risky sometimes. Thus, you must always be cautious. Always keep 100% anonymity at first. You must neither reveal your true identity not the real place of your living. You need to meet only at the location of your choice. Thus, ask unicorn right questions to verify they can be relied upon;
  • Thirdly, you should always arrange your first meeting at any public place – not at your apartment. The hotel room is a minimum requirement for a first date. The best places are parks, bars, café, exhibitions, etc. Just having a walk on fresh air is a perfect chance to know the person you have only met. As a result, in half an hour you will exactly know whether it is safe to deal with a person;
  • Fourthly, arrange a meeting (hotel room, as we have mentioned, would be the best place) for first sex. Do not forget to take condoms to avoid a considerable risk of STD;
  • Fifthly, let things finally happen!

Final note: Always take care of your partner feelings, needs, and desires. Appreciate, respect and cherish your partner as you behave with any person you might desire to have sex with. Even if it is no strings attached sex, therefore, if you succeed to cope with all our recommendations, believe me, the tree of you will form a magical, beautiful, and sexy relationship.


Couple seeking males is a hot trend in sex now. That is why such websites have already become extremely popular among all types of sexual orientations. Now you know top-5 reliable sites which offer such necessary services accessible in the whole world now. It is very convenient for a couple to stay comfortably in a bed in their apartment and seek for a male to have sex with. You only need to register on one of the offered websites, fill in your profile, and start looking for a worthy candidate for your future sexual venture.