Couple seeking female

As you have asked for many times, our today`s post is dedicated to the best mw4w personals websites. Even though many people consider themselves sex guru, 50% of them do not know what mw4w stands for. Let us briefly explain. MW4W is a common acronym, which means “man and woman looking for another woman.” People often use a shorthand mw4w in their ads in online dating websites or even newspapers. For example, you can often come across such an ad – “A beautiful couple mw4w urgently desires a threesome in our place.” All is clear, is not it?

Couples who want MW4W sex often publish their ads on various swinger forums and online platforms. Since 2015, when a lifestyle turned into a huge trend among people of almost all ages, hundreds of thousands of couples started to hunt for unicorns on online dating sites. Millions of people worldwide suddenly realized that polyamory and non-monogamous relationships could diverse and entirely change all previous sexual experience. And the Web has turned into the safest and the most reliable place where couples seeking women can realize their secret sexual desires.

And at the same time, people have immediately faced with one problem – how to choose a reliable MW4M Personals website. In this post, you will undoubtedly find the answer. Continue reading to get the details.

The list of the best couples seeking female websites

It is not a secret anymore that the Web is overfilled with thousands of sites offering dating services. Notwithstanding this, you can rely upon only 5% of them in terms of registration, list of services, searching options, the fairness of profiles, security of your info, customer support, safety payments, etc. After a methodical analysis, our experienced dating experts have chosen AdultFriendFinder, SDC, Classifiedads, Locanto, and as the most reliable online platforms for all couples looking for a threesome with unicorns.

If you want to find the best women for a threesome, Swinglifestyle is the best choice. It is the hugest swinger community on the Web. Currently, over 5,000,000 swinger couples and singles have become its active members. Registration is free. Monthly paid subscription, which allows using all secret site options, costs only $16. You can additionally use a free trial period to check up whether Swinglifestyle can suit your current needs. The site guarantees the complete security of your account and round-the-clock customer care. can is a perfect tool for swinger couples from the United States and Canada who seek for women of all ages for a threesome. The searching mechanism is adjusted to find partners for casual sex in your exact location. It is free to sign up. To further use site options, you need to pay. Welcome bonuses and VIP club promotions are provided. You can use a rewarding affiliate program as well as swinger blog and forum. offers 24/7/365 customer support.

Locanto delivers dating services for couples seeking women only. After a free and quick registration, here you will find more than ten opportunities for your victorious search. Being a coupe, you can find the best woman for threesome according to your exact preferences – hair color, location, habits, age, sexual preferences, education, body type, ethnicity, piercing, smoking/drinking habits, fetish, tattoos, etc. More than 90% of Locanto members are located in the United States.

SDC provides various dating options for all couples who seek female for an unbelievable threesome. It is the best choice for all swingers and unicorns from the United States. Members from all locations are also invited. Registration for women, men, and couples is free. Women never pay for using SDC. All females are real. Our experts have detected no chatbots. Couples can look for women in their location adjusting search by age, body type, sexual desires, threesome experience, etc. $19.99/month is the minimum price for SDC services.

AdultFriendFinder is undoubtedly the most visited swinger website on the Web and the largest dating website. Presently, more than 95,500,000 people have already registered. Registration and basic membership are free. You can create a profile, add photos, and browse women pages.  It is a perfect site couple seeking the female website. More than fifteen searching options. The customer support operates day-and-night. SSL-encoding is used to guarantee 100% anonymity of its members.

Pros & Cons of top couple seeking female websites

Many people always find advantages and disadvantages to everything. Dating sites are not an exception. As a result, we have carefully gathered from forums and analyzed various opinions of members concerning the pros and cons of mw4w personals sites –, SDC, Locanto,, and AdultFriendFinder. Therefore below you will find the most common things that users point out while talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the mentioned resources. Continue reading to get the details.

Pros of the best MW4W Personals Sites:

  • Quick and free registration;
  • No need to give your credit card details;
  • All websites 100% guarantee the fullest anonymity of your personal and financial info until you desire to reveal it personally;
  • All women profiles, which are represented on the site, are verified by moderators;
  • Each of the websites provides several useful options to find a girl for casual sex according to your preferences.

Cons of the best MW4W Personals Sites:

  • Sometimes you can receive too many letters from girls after you have registered. It may be annoying;
  • Customer support is not that quick as it is stated on some sites;
  • Too many irritating notifications about becoming a paid subscriber;
  • Services may be unavailable for members from different countries.

How to find the right female for threesome – top tips

A significant number of personals offer services for couples seeking woman for mw4w. Yes, many of them are reliable. But at the same time, users often face various unpleasant problems. Many dating sites are full of scammers and fraudsters who always want to steal your money. Plenty of women profiles are just chatbots and fakes, etc. That is why we have chosen, SDC, Locanto,, and AdultFriendFinder because they offer reliable services for couples seeking form females.

Our dating experts have prepared some tips on how to find the right female for threesome. Please consider them carefully. If you follow at least some of them, everything will be great and successful. Please be aware of the fact that all women adore love and care. Even if you are looking for a unicorn for a threesome, you should never ignore her desires and feelings. If you cherish and appreciate your lady, you will have unbelievable sex even without using our tips. Be respectful, and everything will be great. Keep on reading to get the critical tips on how to find the right female for threesome and not to get into troubles.

  • Use one of the sites from our top-5 list (, SDC, Locanto,, and AdultFriendFinder) to find the right female for threesome. They are verified and reliable;
  • Register on the site, add personal photos (if you wish), and indicate that your desire to have a threesome experience. It is necessary to let people exactly understand your sexual preferences;
  • Never give your financial info even to a reliable site. You should do it only when it comes to payment;
  • Use all searching tools available on the site to find a girl according to your exact preferences. It will prevent you from disappointing;
  • When you have found an appropriate female, you need to study her profile carefully. Stay anonymous at first until you realize that a woman can be relied on;
  • When you have decided that it is time for a first meeting, never arrange it at your apartment. A cup of coffee in a café somewhere in the city center will be more than enough for the first meeting;
  • You have met and liked each other. Now it is time for sexual entertainment.
  • Notwithstanding the fact that you can be confident in your chosen partner, it is strongly recommended that you should rent a hotel room for the first sex. First of all, for security reasons because we cannot exclude hidden cameras or jealous husbands with a machine gun;
  • If all goes ok, you can arrange further threesome meetings at your place or your woman apartment.

These are the key recommendations. Though you might consider them too simple, believe us, following them will undoubtedly keep you from numerous unnecessary troubles.


Nowadays thousands of people register on the most reputable dating sites to find and meet the most beautiful unicorns. Therefore, couple seeking females has turned into one of the most popular trends. Presently, Web is the safest and the most convenient place where millions of people can quickly meet each other and find a partner for casual sex quickly. In this post, we have briefly reviewed top-5 dating websites (, SDC, Locanto,, and AdultFriendFinder) offering a wide range of services for mw4w meetings. They provide a vast collection of the most beautiful girls striving for sex from all parts of the world.  Thus, do not lose your time, register on one of the mentioned sites, and try its features for free.  We are sure that you will find the best matching woman without any problems.