40 Ways to Get Laid More Often

How to get laid

Nobody’s a “smooth player” all the time.  If your game is off, here are some tips to help you get laid more often.

For Singles – 10 Ways To Get Laid More Often

  1. Find out what the other person is into. You’ll succeed more often at getting laid if you have something in common. Spend some time talking to them and getting to know them before trying to get them between the sheets.
  2. Flirt. Flirting is a social game we use to let others know that we are interested in them. If you don’t know how to flirt, you won’t be able to attract anyone and you won’t get laid.
  3. Network through the Internet to hook up with people. There are many, many sites available where you can meet someone. The Internet is easier than just walking up to a person, and you can talk to multiple prospects at the same time.
  4. You have to gain a person’s trust before they will sleep with you. A person doesn’t trust you won’t get intimate with you. You can’t just come out and demand sex on the first date.  Not everyone is going to be cool with that.
  5. Hang out at the right spots. You won’t get laid much if you spend all of your time either at work, home, or the grocery store. Go to clubs, bars, and night life hot spots.
  6. Set the scene. If you plan on bringing your prospective date/sex interest back to your place, dress it up with mood lighting, drinks (if applicable), and other assortments that you might need. Some groovy love-making music is a good idea, too. And clean your apartment.
  7. Don’t be needy. Hanging by the phone, wondering why they don’t call you back, and then asking them why they never called sooner is a great way not to get laid. Be confident in yourself and don’t cling.
  8. Be persistent. Sometimes people get discouraged after one rejection. Shake it off and try again, even at the risk of another rejection. (But keep #7, “Don’t be needy”, firmly in mind.)
  9. Don’t be cheap. Even if you have to save, don’t hesitate to spend a little money on dates, your clothes, or gifts.
  10. Get in shape. If you are overweight and can’t do a decent sit-up, your chances of getting laid often are drastically reduced. Plus, being in shape will keep things exciting in the bedroom and that is a good thing.

10 Ways To Get Laid More Often – For Married People

  1. Jump start the romance. Many married couples lose physical interest in each other due to a number of reasons. Try setting a date night and go out someplace romantic.
  2. Have a romantic and sexy dinner at home. Send the kids to Grandma’s house and light the candles. There are even recipes that are fun and sexy you can try out (be sure to write them down on a menu, though).
  3. Angry sex or make-up sex can be really great. One way to get laid is to start a fight for the sole purpose of having make-up sex. But beware, this plan can easily backfire and keep you from getting laid for weeks.
  4. Don’t be afraid of quickies. Life for a married couple is busy and there isn’t always time for the slow, romantic stuff. Sometimes all you have time for is a quick connection before its off to work.
  5. Go on a romantic vacation. If life around the house has slowed things down, then try a change of scenery. Studies show that most people’s sexual inhibitions lower while on vacation.
  6. Get rid of the television in the bedroom. It is a huge distraction because one of you may be in the mood while the other wants to watch their favorite show. Plus, studies show that couples without televisions in their bedroom have sex twice as often.
  7. Don’t hint around about it. Be open and vocal about wanting sex without being a jerk. Tell your spouse that you would like more sex but listen to her views or else it will not work out.
  8. Start complimenting your spouse on how good they look. Getting someone to feel good about themselves and how they look is key to putting them in the mood. A person with a good self image will be more confident about hopping in the sack.
  9. Surprise your spouse by buying a few naughty or adult gifts to try out. The addition of ‘accessories’ can liven up a dull married sex life. But be sure that your spouse will be receptive to the gifts and not freak out about them.
  10. If you have a weekly ‘sex schedule’, throw it out the window. Sex should not be scheduled like your favorite television show. Keep your sex life from going stagnant by being spontaneous.

10 Ways To Get Laid More Often – For Men

  1. Sometimes you can use sympathy to get laid. If you have had some recent tragedy, bad luck, or sad story, try sharing it. Girls are more prone to be sympathetic and might do anything to get you to feel better.
  2. Pay attention to how you look. Women like eye candy too. If you are wearing a sweater with a bow tie, a faded Grateful Dead t-short, or have forgotten to put on some deodorant and cologne, then your nights are going to be very lonely.
  3. Have a conversation starter already in mind before you ever go out. One of the most common problems guys face is not knowing what to say to an attractive woman. If you don’t have something worked out ahead of time, then you run the risk of blanking out when you approach her.
  4. Practice your tactics on strippers. Hey, they are the hottest female workers around and they are already half naked. If you approach them in a confident way, and not as a creepy guy there to get his cheap thrills, you might have a chance of scoring.
  5. It’s up to you how much you care. Some guys are just after that one thing and anything else, including becoming emotionally attached, is not important. While not caring might actually increase your chances of getting laid more often, you have to be prepared to be the bad guy.
  6. You need to know how to treat a woman. Being a gentleman and not smothering her with numerous phone calls helps. Gifts and doing nice things for them will make getting laid a lot more likely.
  7. Don’t act like getting laid is part of the plan. One thing girls don’t like is a guy who acts like he has the whole evening set up for that one eventual outcome. Be spontaneous, or at least be sly enough that you seem spontaneous.
  8. Know what women want. There is no sure fire way to get laid more often than knowing how women want to be treated. You have to respect them, communicate with them, and be interesting enough that they do not wander to greener pastures.
  9. Know the ropes in bed. Just having sex to please yourself won’t do it in the long run. To keep them coming back you need to know be prepared to deliver everything from intimacy, oral sex, foreplay, and different techniques.
  10. Get the drinks flowing. Alcohol may be a cheap tool but it is one of the best for lowering inhibitions. Even if you don’t drink, offer to buy a girl a drink (or three).

10 Ways To Get Laid More Often – For Women

  1. Looks get women laid. If there is any part of your body that you are not comfortable with, cover it up, conceal it, or camouflage it some way. Try to draw attention to other assets instead.
  2. Know what men like in bed. Just lying there and letting them do all the work doesn’t cut it. You need to know what positions your guy likes, how to give oral sex, and where and how to give him special attention.
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Talk to your guy about adding something new to the bedroom. Chances are he is going to be all for it, which means your chances of getting him in bed again have just increased.
  4. Try to have some variety. Men love sex but the same old sex all the time gets boring. Try to change things up by switching positions or just being more active and vocal in the bedroom.
  5. Know how a guy thinks. Granted, when it comes to sex, there isn’t a whole lot of thinking involved. However, if you want to have sex more often, you need to know our priorities, what we like, don’t like, and general turn-offs and ons.
  6. Be a tease. Nothing gets a guy hotter than teasing and enticing him with the idea of sex. Men are visual creatures and the mental images will drive him wild.
  7. Don’t be afraid of getting a little dirty. You can buy some sexy lingerie or try some dirty talk while in bed. Remember, men like dirt.
  8. Be vocal about what turns you on. Tell your man what you like or don’t like when it comes to sex. If a man doesn’t have to play guessing games, then they will enjoy the experience and come back for more.
  9. Dress sexy. This cannot be stressed enough. If you want to put the goods out there on the market, you have to present them in the best possible way.
  10. Don’t turn off the lights. Men like to see what is going on. Keep the lights on, even if it is just low lights such as candles or a small lamp.
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