How to Hookup – Definitive Guide

When your primary goal of meeting a girl is sex and no more other shenanigans, it may be difficult to achieve without some good pickup skills and within a timeframe of one date. Nevertheless, there is a bunch of tips and tricks that will increase your chances of getting closer to the girl/woman you really have a crush on fast.

Top 10 Tips on Seducing Women in One Night

So how should one exactly act to ‘get it going on’ with a girl on the first day of your acquaintance? Well, first of all:

  • Work on your image. Start with how you look, act, and what vibes you’re bringing to the table. Make your decisions here based on the kind of women you like – your main preferences in women will help you come up with the most optimal style. Because in some cases, it is better to show what an experienced, confident male you are, while in others, it’s more optimal to stay in the skin of an overly confident, prone to women’s attention ‘wild child’. Emphasize your image in order to make it simpler for your date to understand where you’re driving at with your style at once. I.e., make it all clear and distinct. For instance, many women like men, the occupation of which implies risks and danger – you may remember a loser-pickuper Simon who acted as a USA special agent to conquer the heart of another one of his ‘love targets’. Come up with a good legend – brief enough to be told in a few minutes during the date, yet so descriptive and exciting that it grabs the attention of even the side-listeners. Your appearance should also correspond with your overall style. The right perfume is a very important part of your romantic outfit – it can play a decisive role in your romantic efforts.

  • Highlight your ‘features’. Think about the things that a girl can really enjoy about you as a person. Many guys bet on the sense of humor. Joking non-stop, however, is not always the best thing to do on a date (not everybody can make really good jokes in the company of a new person and when they’re nervous). A serious, intelligent guy is always a decent alternative to a ‘funny guy’. This is the image a musician Joe from ‘Some Like it Hot’ chosen to seduce Sugar Cane.

  • Stay sober. A few more words about anxiety – if you feel very anxious or, perhaps, lack the sense of total inner harmony, remember – alcohol is not an option. Drunk guys are like a red rag for a bull when it comes to many adequate women. Especially on a first date. And don’t even think that you can get drunk ‘quietly’ and nobody will notice. They’ll notice anyway.
  • Keep calm. Never demonstrate your anxiety or lack of self-confidence to a female. For example, if you met in the club where everybody was dancing around, there’s no need to show off your dance moves, unless you are really good. A bar may be your best bet in such a situation. Another situation is when a lady tries to mock you in some way or flirt, but with some touchy phrases and subjects. This may catch you off your guard. Don’t let it. One way out of this is to compete with her in giving off cynical remarks. Remember, though, about your main goal and don’t get too cocky.
  • Don’t use overused phrases & don’t try to act overly creative. Template phrases are the main enemy of unexperienced pickupers. Some have been used for ages, like ‘Have we met?’ or ‘Excuse me, but you’re the most beautiful girl in this club’. These automatically drive off a good bunch of decent potential dates for you – unless they are also there to get a one-night stand or something. Being too creative, like a Jim Carrey’s character from Mask, is not the best strategy either. Just keep in mind that adequate women require an adequate approach from an adequate man.

  • Don’t make it a competition. Let’s be honest: you wouldn’t be reading this article if you had it all figured out and smooth with women. Keep in mind, however, that it’s the image of a seasoned casanova that can let you treat women with a healthy share of neglect and even demonstrate your tiredness with too much of their attention being projected at you. In all the rest of the cases, it’s not very good to create a sense of competition on a date. Every female wants to stay confident in that it’s her who chooses a partner and not vice versa.
  • Be decisive, but patient. Women value men for their confidence. Too much of persistence can play a bad joke with you, however – you can simply scare away your potential date. See, confident never means irritating or obsessed with ‘getting to it’ as fast as possible (by persistently trying to make your date go someplace else with you). This automatically compromises your mental display in the eyes of the women, which rarely makes girls want to continue vibing with a man.
  • Let her see that you care. 99 girls out of 100 require a man to care for them from the first words of an initial acquaintance. This can be a treat like a cocktail or something or your jacket thrown over her shoulders in cold weather. Another good way to impress her is to give large tips – you demonstrate your generosity and self-sustenance at the same time.
  • Avoid being too profane. In the current times, it may be not so difficult to impress somebody with a profane comment. This even turns some women on a lot. Remember that your goal here is to be absolutely sincere with your ‘dirty words’ and let her know that it’s your sole amazement with her looks that makes you go that way, not your perverted nature.
  • Try to find out as much as possible about your date during a conversation. Many women really lack some heartfelt conversation. Trustful dialogues, where a guy takes the role of an active listener, are often an efficient way to conquer her affection.

How to Hookup: Top 3 Web Solutions for Hooking Up

In order to make your searches more productive and not in vain, you can go beyond looking for dates in offline establishments such as clubs, bars, and cafes. Popular places to get a one-night stand are specialized online resources. Below, we listed the top 3 virtual places where you can hook up with lusty dates in a matter of minutes.

  • Tinder. Tinder is a very popular and quite accessible application for meeting new people. There are not excessive elements. Just register with your Facebook account and start swiping the options. Your smartphone acts as a kind of radar. You specify the desired distance in the app (10, 80, 160 km) and it finds you potential dates within this area. All the rest is – look through the options – ‘like’ the ones you really like and swipe away all others. Afterward, you can chat with girls that also liked your profile. Tinder also allows seeing whether a date has common friends with you or not through Facebook.
  • AdultFriendFinder. AFF is a web service that’s been in existence for over 20 years. It is one of the largest websites to look for partners. Despite the fact that many people are looking for long-term relationships there, the majority still consists of those looking to satisfy their sex demands. Among the pros of this resource is a filtered search for potential partners, as well as a huge number of profiles available – for any likes and tastes. As for online interaction on the website, there is a regular chat and an ability to specify your email address. We’ll notice separately that there are many fakes as well, despite the detailed, spacious registration form. Beware of those.
  • FriendFinder-X. Another online service with millions of profiles for everybody to choose – any race, age, gender, etc. FriendFinder-x can help you find a sex partner with any interests and preferences you can imagine. There are great filters with dozens of selection parameters, which allows narrowing the area of search down. This is exactly why this site is often selected by pairs looking for a third participant. Notice also that the website contains lots of adult content: many users choose to upload erotic or pornographic photos and videos to their profiles or grant access to their webcam. The registration here will take 5 minutes and with just an email address, you can dive into searches for that one partner you crave for.


Summarizing our guide, we can tell you for sure that it’s not really that difficult to find a partner for a one-night stand nowadays. Firm confidence and readiness to improvise will guarantee a fruitful result in the majority of cases. Otherwise, you can always try the specialized top hookup sites. There, your chances increase as you may start more subtly and continue with real-life meet-up a bit later on when you get to know the person you are about to meet initially.

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