Today I would like to share my VictoriaHearts review with everyone who wants to find a great girl either for online flirt or long-term relations at a reliable and reputable dating website. So let us start without delay.

How to register at VictoriaHearts?

Every man can sign up for free at This procedure has become standard on many websites long ago. It took me twenty seconds to register at this dating venue. I was required to choose my purpose of registration (Man seeking for a woman), then enter my name, email, and password. Voila!

What to do next?

After I have registered, I need to fulfill my profile so that VictoriaHearts would offer me only appropriate matches.

About my date. I pointed out what, how to say so, I am waiting from my future wife. I was looking for a woman here; did not I mention it earlier?

About myself. I gave girls some primary information about myself (Age, location, habits, education, etc.)

My photo. As I have serious intentions, I added my real photo immediately because I wanted all women who would like to contact me to know how I looked like. The same I require from ladies. I should say that one photo was enough to lasso my beloved one. Of course, you can upload as many photos as you wish. VictoriaHearts does not limit the amount.

When I have finally uploaded my photo, I was immediately proposed to choose a girl from the list according to my preferences mentioned above.

I selected a couple of beauties and started hunting the best lady ever.

Please also note that after you have registered, you should confirm your registration by email. However, it is not necessary, as I learned later.

What kind of girls can be found at

When I found this site on the Web, I did not exactly have any particular country in mind. I mean for me there was no difference girl from what country I might like most. However, having studied this dating venue deeper, I have noticed that the considerable part of girls here are from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, and Belarus, though women from almost 30 countries have already registered profiles at VictoriaHearts.

Taking into the consideration the fact that I have already heard plenty of good things about Slavic women, I decided to continue with this website.

How to find a girl at this dating site?

VictoriaHearts offers three main search options. These are:

All. In this case, the system will give you the whole list of ladies according to your preferences, which you mentioned during registration.

Online. Using this option I got the list of online girls according to my preferences. The pleasant news was that they all were glad to start chatting with me straight away.

Extended Search. Here you can indicate once again your preferences for a possible future soul mate. The most important field in this option was “Level of English.” I know that plenty of women in the world already know English. That is why it was a vital point for me. Moreover, I do not want to offend anyone, but I never trust interpreters.

By the way, if you like a girl very much on this website, but her English is poor, do not be sad. This site offers paid translating services.

Messaging with women at VictoriaHearts?

When I registered my account, I got plenty of new messages from various ladies. Letters were entirely different. See some examples below.

Here you can meet real tigresses who immediately ask you direct and often quite silly questions. Like Kristina from Ukraine, asking “What country would you like to meet with me?”

You see, man, she does not even know me but already wants to meet in any country-).

Some of the ladies start the conversation in this way:

And others – like this:

You can even receive such lovable long-reads:

Nevertheless, you see that here you can meet various women with diverse interests and behavior. And this fact rejoiced my hearts from the very beginning of my meeting VictoriaHearts.

So, as you can see, the primary method of communicating with girls is messaging. There is also paid video chat available.

Moreover, at every girl`s profile you can do the following:

  • Like her photos and send winks
  • Add her to favorites or block forever
  • Make various online or even offline gifts (I used this option twice. First, I sent flowers to her office. And then I gave her some jewelry. She was unbelievably happy)
  • Request a meeting (However, a special IMBRA Verification is required, but there are no other ways you can get contact details)
  • Many other attractive things according to your wishes and purse size are also available

What are the prices for paid services?

VictoriaHearts offers plenty of paid services. The prices vary from 10 to 150 US dollars depending on the amount of credits you want to buy. By the way, credits are the only available currency at this site. You can see all the detailed information on prices in your Profile Settings page in the Billing category. It looks like this:

Customer care

While using this site, I once needed assistance from its staff. Though it was a minor question, it was important for me. If to say it simpler, if I had not got help in an hour, I would have had to find another girlfriend. Briefly, VictoriaHearts support team actually made me happy. A particular Contact Us form can be easily found on the website.

Is there any spam at VictoriaHearts?

I have been using this dating site for three month already. I have noticed no evident spam. Maybe, because their online safety system works well. However, what is really annoying is that I keep on receiving plenty of letters from ladies hourly. I cannot switch off this option. It really looks like spam.

Does this dating site protect from scam?

Firstly, VictoriaHearts declares that it has an unfailing anti-scam policy. I see no reason not to trust them. All the more so, the girl I met here is very honest and sweat. Moreover, all of them are. Secondly, I never care about any scam because I know very well how all such schemes work due to my journalistic occupation. Finally, if I really worried about such issues, I would definitely visit a corresponding page at this website and figure out everything that worries me. I want to emphasize once again – I have noticed no scam schemes here. The website is well protected.

Review summary

Now you may ask me whether I found anyone for myself. Of course. If I had failed to find a worthy woman, I would not have written this VictoriaHearts review. Now I am happy. Hope so is she. We are looking to seeing each other in a few weeks for the fourth time already.

So, is VictoriaHearts real? Now I am sure it is. However, these are just my words and my experience. If you are looking for a girl of your dream online, don’t re-invent the wheel. Just register at this site and try your luck by yourself.

  • Service
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Online Safety
  • User Base


  • Plenty of girls to choose from
  • Clear and familiar interface
  • Various features to attract girls` attention
  • Perfect cooperation with local agencies (They helped me with the transfer and residence rental when I came to my sweetheart’s country first)
  • Responsive customer care
  • Convenient navigation
  • User friendly language


  • Too many letters from girls (You will never have time in tens lives to answer all letters)
  • I think the prices for paid services could be lower
  • Many bureaucratic procedures before real meeting offline
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