SPdate.com Review

SPdate.com is a rather new adult dating website. Is SPdate real? Yes, absolutely! That is why I`ve decided to write a Spdate review so that it would be easy for you to understand what it is about. This site positions itself as smart dating with real people. So, I decided to check it.


Registration at Spdate.com is effortless. You should enter your first name, email, age, location, and password. And that is all. You are registered. Moreover, it is possible to sign up at this site using either Facebook or Google Plus. Perfect idea. When you login, you can use all the features this site offers.

Your menu at SPdate

Having registered and uploaded your photo, you will be immediately redirected to the main menu of your personal page. It is quite simple and easy to use. There are several categories there:


I did not get what this page is about from the first visit though I am not a stupid person. Then I found a particular small sign at the right bottom of the girl`s photo. So, in this way, I learned that it is a search page where you can find a girl according to your preferences. All is very simple here.

This page allows you looking for a lady for various sex talks according to the following parameters:

  • Gender (Male/Female)
  • Age
  • Country
  • City


On this page, you will find plenty of new girls waiting to chat with you. I chose some of them and chatted for a while on various sex topics. Some of them were quite good, believe me!


Like any other dating website, Spdate offers you to choose a lady and start communicating with her through instant messaging.

It is very simple and should be described more than it is needed. Another thing is that SPdate.com offers quite a convenient feature to send a message to all girls at a time from your list.

For some time I was waiting for their responses and then selects some beauties whose answers I liked most.


It is a simple but useful option allowing you adding a person you like to your contact list just in one click.


In this category, you can edit any information concerning yourself. You can add plenty of photos, select your personal preferences, add you interests (such as films, sports, books, music, drinks, relationships, etc.).

It will help ladies know you better before they decide whether to start chatting with you or not. I wish there would be some sex questions in this questionnaire, for example, concerning favorite poses or sex preferences. I am sure it will be useful for both sides.

Here I also can observe various notifications on who have sent me messages, liked my photos, visited my profile, etc. It is also a convenient option, I guess.


This category gathers all the information regarding your likes and girls whom you have already visited.

Top Users

It is a fascinating group. It provides you with top users of Spdate. You can watch the top persons of the hour, day, week, or month. To views all these profiles you will need quite much time-).

Your Settings

In this section, you and I have just four simple options, gentlemen. These are:

Notifications. Here you can either turn on or turn off all notifications by email at all important events. Moreover, you can refuse from showing help on your first session at this site. I refused.

Security. First I thought that here I could find some info concerning anti-scam and Web protection issues that Spdate provided. However, this page allows me only changing my password.

Blacklist. It is also a clear option. If someone either abuses you at this dating site or reminds of spam, you can easily add him/her to your Blacklist. Thus, you will never be bothered again.

Delete profile. Everything is simple here. If you decide to remove your profile at Spdate.com, you will lose all saved contacts and all information. It cannot be restored.

Girls` profiles

Spdate.com offers a splendid chance to look through hundreds of girls` profiles, as I can see at the moment. Women from all over the world are registered here: from San-Francisco to Tokyo, from Moscow to Melbourne.

When you enter a profile of the girl you like you have two main options. You can Overview her personal page at this adult dating site and then watch her Photos.

On every girl`s profile, you will also find the following information. Let`s take Viviane:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Location

This data will help you understand your goals more clearly. In your turn, you can do the following things:

  • Like her photo
  • Send her a message
  • Rate her profile
  • Add to contacts.

I started from the simplest thing – chatting. And of course, I liked her photo because this lady is gorgeous!

Prices at SPdate.com

I still have no idea how this website earns its living, but I failed to find any information concerning prices for its services. Maybe because it is just a free philanthropic platform?-) So, I cannot figure out whether it is good or bad.

Scam and protection issues

As I have already spent much time surfing girls at this dating venue for adults, I should inform you, friends, that presently Spdate provides no information about scam and protection issues. Nothing at all. There is also no data regarding neither privacy policy nor terms of use issues. And it seems to be quite strange. However, having spent a couple of days at this resource, I should say that I found nothing suspicious.

Review summary

Is SPdate real? Now you have some certain understating that it is. As you see, everything is simple here and very interesting. What is your next step? I will tell from my experience. I registered at this website and tried to find a girl for further sex communication. You will lose nothing. If you have read this whole Spdate review, then you are already interested in finding someone sexy online. So, try this site!

  • Service
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Online Safety
  • User Base


  • Easy registration
  • Simple and convenient search page
  • Free dating services
  • Plenty of sexy girls who are eager to talk on various sex topics
  • Convenient site menu


  • No video chat option available from the website
  • No sex preferences questionnaire
  • No scam information
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